Come winter and homeowners who meet their water needs with the help of a well can be plagued with problems. Of course, some of the problems are not a concern in Santa Rosa, where the weather is warm and temperate, with significant rainfall. Nonetheless, homeowners will be able to save themselves the stress knowing everything about how to be prepared for winter if they draw water from a well for their daily needs.

Maintenance of Well Water in Winter

It is essential to realize that preventive maintenance will go a long way in preparing your well water for the winter months. Hence, you should not think twice about using a reputable and qualified water well service in Santa Rosa.

Routine maintenance is part of ensuring hassle-free winter months. While it does not happen much in Santa Rosa, the northern parts of the US do experience snow and frozen ground, and these can pose a problem in winter.

To ensure you do not face a problem with your well water, here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.

Visual Inspection:

Make sure you visually inspect the well and the connected equipment. It should not have a problem, especially the well cap and well casing. A proper well casing will ensure that the well cap fits securely around the mouth of the well. Inspect the well and its equipment once a year to ensure everything is fine.

Land Around the Well:

Ensure that the land around the wellhead is clean and debris-free. It should slope away from the well so that the chances of contaminants and dirt entering the well with the rain runoff are minimal. Remember, pet enclosures and septic tanks should be 100 feet from the well, and should be downhill so that there is no problem of contamination. If you are considering building an outdoor play area for your kids, it should be 50 feet from the well hole.

Store Away Chemicals:

Never keep toxic and hazardous chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and motor oil near a well. Instead, stock them in your garden shed, barn or garage so that you do not have to worry about these chemicals finding their way into the well water. Do not be tempted to dispose of household cleaners, paint, and paint cleaners into the septic system. They do not get treated in the system, and can make their way into the groundwater. Always dispose them of in a responsible manner at dedicated collection centers.

Get the Water Tested:

In case you find that the water has a weird taste, odor or appearance, get in touch with a qualified water well service in Santa Rosa to get it tested. Until the results come, refrain from consuming the water. It will be an inconvenience, but it is better to adopt this approach than to be sorry later on.

Common Well Water Issues in Winter

Many homeowners who have a well do not really love winter as this cold season brings its share of problems. Wells are dug to ensure you can access groundwater that does not freeze. At least that is the case in places where the mercury plunges low enough to freeze water. This is the reason most of the well components are positioned below the freezing line. Even after this, problems can occur, and as a homeowner, you should be prepared for them.

Pump Issues

It is common for pumps to be installed under the ground. This ensures that when it gets cold and starts raining, the pump does not face an issue. To ensure you do not have to contend with a well pump issue, seal the well hole in a secure manner.

If the well pump is located above the ground, protect the pump from the elements. You can consult your well water service provider to find out which is the best way to keep the pump protected during the winter months.

Loss of Power

Power outages are common during the winter months, and if you are dependent on well water, loss of power would mean no water whatsoever. You can install a portable generator so that you have backup power for the well in case there is an outage. Remember, these generators require a fuel source, which can be gasoline, natural gas or diesel.

Consult your well water service provider to determine which type of generator is the best for your well equipment and motor. It is also a good idea to store fresh water in your home just in case you cannot refill the generator to keep it running.

Many well owners also have to contend with frozen and burst pipes, but that is something homeowners in Santa Rosa do not have to worry about. Snow is not an issue in this region, so that is something to bring cheer to well owners in Santa Rosa.  

Ensuring Well Water Safety in Winter

There are many chemicals, contaminants, and harmful bacteria that you cannot see or taste. Hence, you will never know if there is a problem with the well water. So, make sure you get the water tested regularly to have peace of mind.

You should be looking to have bacteriological tests twice a year. Winter is a good time to conduct this test as bacteria multiply when the weather is cool and salubrious. Every three to five years, get the well water tested for VOCs and pesticides; and you should be looking to get the well water tested at least once for metals and nitrates.

The Bottom Line

Being a well owner comes with its own set of responsibilities that you should not shy away from. Instead, look to be a proactive well owner so that you can rest assured knowing that you and your family will always have access to fresh, clean, and safe drinking water.

Now that you know well water tips and tricks for the winters, you know how to tackle any issue that arises when the winter months come. And, if you run into any well-related problems, help is at hand. Call Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. at 707-823-3184 for all your well-related concerns.