Having your own well frees you from having to depend on your local water company. It provides a much needed relief from expensive water bills and assures you a constant supply of fresh, clean water for yourself and your family. Your well is powered by a pump that draws water out of the ground and into a pressurized storage tank, and if that pump breaks down, the tanks run dry. Here are some of the signs of pump trouble.

Dry Taps

The most obvious sign that your pump is malfunctioning is when your faucets run dry. The problem could be caused by a fault in the electrical connection, the power may have gone off completely, or the breaker for the pump may have blown. Checking for these issues and fixing them as needed should get the pump back online. If all the electrical seems to be in good working order, there may be a problem with the pump itself.

Low Water Pressure

If the weather has been dry, the water table in your well could have dropped too far for your well pump to reach. You might see spitting or spluttering or even muddy water coming from the tap. The situation should hopefully improve as soon as the weather changes and there’s more water in the ground. Alternatively, you can have the pump set deeper into the well if there is room. Low pressure could also be a sign of your pump wearing out and no longer being capable of making the same pressure.  

Pump is Always Running

If your pump is working night and day to keep the tanks filled, it may be too small for your needs. Ideally, the pump should run briefly and then stop until the water level in the tanks drops far enough to require filling. An overworked pump is likely to develop problems. Alternatively, the pump may be jammed with debris, making it less efficient.

Where to Get Water Pump Repair in Sonoma County

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co offers highly professional water pump repair in Sonoma County. If you’re seeing any signs of pump trouble, give them a call at 707-823-3184 and get your pump running efficiently again.