Our History

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. started out in 1906 as a country hardware store and small pump shop, owned and operated by Hod Weeks. It was originally located in the heart of Sebastopol on what is now called Weeks Way. In 1949 Walter & Mary Thompson purchased Weeks Hardware and decided to retain the well-established Weeks name. By the early 1950s they had sold the hardware store to devote their time and energy exclusively to the pump shop and also add on the drilling operation capability. Following Walter’s death in 1959, Mary Thompson took the reins as company president and ran Weeks with the help of her four sons; Wayne, Jerry, Bob & Ward. They grew the business and established their reputation for quality work and dedication to the highest professional standards. Weeks moved to its present location on Highway 12 in the early 1960s.
old weeks hardware
a yellow and white truck


Currently led by its 4th generation of leadership, Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. is not just a groundwater firm, it’s a powerhouse! Get ready to experience excellence in action!

At Weeks, our four departments work hand in hand to deliver a comprehensive range of services to our valued clients. From drilling the well and installing cutting-edge pump systems to ensuring the water is treated to the highest standards, we’ve got you covered.

With just one phone call to Weeks, all your water supply needs will be met. We possess the equipment, expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer service to handle your entire project from start to finish. Let us take care of every detail, so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the process.