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Public Water Systems


Public Water Systems

At Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. we have California state certified operators and regulatory compliance specialists on staff. Their combined knowledge and expertise will ensure your regulated water system delivers safe and clear water, compliant with all regulations.

The strict regulations that guide public water system operations can be complex. Small public water systems often find outsourcing certain critical functions to be economical and effective in meeting the requirements set by regulatory agencies. The Public Water Systems Department at Weeks is dedicated to helping small water systems do exactly that. It’s our collective hands-on experience, working with wells, pumping systems, treatment procedures, operations, and regulatory compliance reporting that make our services unique in Northern California.

Contract Operations

Public water systems must be operated by state certified personnel. Weeks contracts with over 80 public water systems in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties, providing “circuit riding” operators certified at the appropriate grade.

We stay on top of emerging regulations and keep our clients informed about changes that could conceivably impact operation costs.

Water Treatment System, Installation & Maintenance

When we install water treatment equipment, we handle the entire process from acquiring necessary health department permit, to project startup, and through to the final inspection.

We offer operation and/or maintenance contracts on most treatment systems, even those installed by other companies.

Regulatory Reporting

The Public Water Systems Department at Weeks will complete your regulatory reports and file them, on time, with the appropriate agency.


Give us a call at 707-823-3184 to discuss any questions you have regarding our public water treatment services or if you’d like to schedule an onsite inspection and/or consultation visit.