Your well pump is an integral part of your well water system. It pumps water upward and into your household or the designated water system. Like all other parts of a well water system, the well pump can develop a problem.

Sometimes, a well pump will not hold pressure. This can be an annoying problem. Thankfully, there are ways to remedy the issue and keep your water flowing.

How to Know If a Well Pump Will Not Hold Pressure? 

If the water pressure in your home is too low, there is a possibility that your pump is not holding pressure. Here are some ways to resolve water pressure problems.

Check the Pressure Tank 

Check to see if the pressure tank is operational. If the tank’s pressure is low, it constantly be turning the pump on and off to build pressure back up

You can use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure in your tank. Disconnect electrical power to the pump. Open the closest faucet. Let it run till the tank is completely empty. Place the air fill valve on top of the tank.

Make sure the pressure is 3-5 PSI below the point where the pressure switch normally turn on.

Add air, If the pressure is more than 3-5 PSI below the cut-in pressure. Be careful while using an air pump or air compressor.

To check for leaks in the air charging system, put a drop of soap solution on the air charging valve. Once you have fixed the leaks (if any), restart the pump and run through a normal cycle.

Check the Pressure Switch 

A pressure tank is attached to the water delivery system. Too much draw on the system will can automatically trip a type of pressure switch to shut off the system to avoid the pump from running when there is a large leak. The pressure switches are often referred to as an “M4 pressure switch” If you are not getting any water in your home, check the pressure switch to see if it has shut down the system.

To reset your pressure switch, close all water valves leading to the water delivery system and  hold the small siler arm down extending from the switch until pressure in the system is above 30 PSI, then release. If normal pressure resumes, this was the issue.

Troubleshooting a Bad Pressure Switch 

Over time, a well pump pressure switch begins to degrade. If the water pressure in your home is low, you might have a bad pressure switch. Here are some telltale signs your pressure switch is beginning to fail or is completely worn out

➢ The water pressure is at or above the cut-out pressure, yet the pump does not shut off

➢ The pump does not switch on at the right cut-in pressure

➢ Your pump short cycles

Turn the Power Off 

Safety comes first. To turn off the power to your well pump system, go to the circuit breaker and switch off or remove the breakers that supply power to the pump. Use a volt meter or to make sure no power is going to your system.

Access the Switch 

Locate your pressure switch (connected to the plumbing pipe system), and unscrew the top screw cap by moving it counterclockwise. Use plumbing pliers if required.

Check for Leaks  

Check for water leaks. If water is leaking, tighten the switch with your plumbing pliers. If water is leaking internally, you have a bad pressure switch.

Inspect the Contacts

Make sure power if off prior to touching the contact. Often times the contacts can corrode leading to no signal being transferred, or a bug has found it may into them obstructing a proper connection. If you found a bug in the switch, remove and then restore power.

Cycle the Water Pump 

Open the faucet that’s closest to the pump. Allow it to cycle completely. When the pressure decreases, the switch may not close. This indicates a bad internal spring. Replace the switch.

Replace the Switch 

Hire a Santa Rosa water pump service to replace your pressure switch.

Avoiding Well Pump Problems 

Like every other component of your well water system, your well pump needs periodic maintenance. If your water is discolored, reach out to a professional for help ASAP. Always use a licensed contractor. Preserve maintenance records.

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