The quality of our public water supplies is a major concern, and for obvious reasons.  With horror stories such as the situation in Flint, MI, people around the country are searching for assurance that their own local public water systems are safe and healthy.

So how do you know your public water systems in Sonoma County are safe?

EPA Water Standards and How Weeks Drilling Helps Maintain Them

This is an issue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become increasingly concerned with as well.  Over the years, and in accordance with the Safe Water Drinking Act, they have developed a number of standards for measuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of municipal water systems.

Some of the most key factors they consider include:

  • Minimizing any potential human health problems, such as from microbial life or other contaminants.
  • Examining response systems in place intended to handle potential contaminants.
  • Water sources and their purity.
  • The overall clarity, taste, and quality of the drinking water.
  • The condition of pipes carrying the water, and policies intended to protect those pipes over the years.
  • Any second or third-tier impact from compromised water, such as the effect on local businesses.

We need top-quality public water systems in Sonoma County, and everywhere else in the country, to keep the public healthy and our food service businesses thriving.  This is a commitment Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. seeks to uphold whenever we work with municipal water systems.

Weeks Drilling’s Work on Public Water Systems

Our decades of experience in water well drilling and pumps has made us a go-to provider of work, equipment, and advice to municipal water services across the state.  We are California state certified operators, fully licensed to work on public water systems in Sonoma County and ensure they’re fully within all health and safety regulations.

We have our own Public Water Systems Department here at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., staffed with some of the very best of our workforce.  We are glad to work with towns and cities of any size to improve their water supplies, implement better pumping solutions, and create better systems for guaranteeing the quality of the water provided to their citizens.

In addition, we have extensive experience with the bureaucracy surrounding public water projects.  We’re happy to assist in reporting and filing, to ensure each town we serve is compliant with state law.

To learn more about our public water efforts, contact us today!