The vast majority of people depend on water delivered to them by the city. There are some advantages to this, but also major drawbacks. From the city issuing limited water usage during droughts at different times of the year to relying on the filtration system put in place by the city, you may want to look towards other water options. This includes having a water well on your own property. With the help of drilling contractors, you’ll have access to your own water. Here are some of the advantages to having a water well installed by drilling contractors in Santa Rosa.

  • Cuts Your Water Consumption Costs

Having access to your own water supply can drastically cut down your water bills. In addition to cutting down on the utility bills, there are plenty of city, national and federal tax credits available to help slash the price of installation.

  • Tastes Better

The water you collect is fresher and goes through a local filtration system. This way you can control the kind of minerals (if any) go into it. The city’s water may include fluoride and other minerals deemed to be a suitable level. By cutting out these byproducts, you’ll enjoy better tasting water.

  • Healthier

On top of tasting better, the water is healthier as well. Beyond the inclusion of fluoride, there is chlorine in it as well. Have you ever noticed your skin is extra dry after exiting the shower? It is because of the chlorine and other chemicals and minerals found in the water. So, skip out on these health and taste destroying chemicals and go clean thanks to your well water.

  • Going Green

When you make the switch to well water, you’ll help your property move a little bit closer to going green. It costs money to deliver water from the local water supply to your home. By reducing your city water consumption you’ll reduce the energy it takes to deliver the water to your home.

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. Can Help

From cutting down on the costs of your water consumption throughout the year to increasing the property value, there are many advantages to a water well at home. If you’re considering drilling contractors in Santa Rosa, are interested in beginning the installation of a water well or just have a few questions, now is the perfect time to contact Weeks Drilling & Pump Co.!