If you rely on your well for water, or live in a home with a well, you very well know that trouble can hit at the worst time; for instance, when you have guests visiting, or even worse, during the holiday season. It is needless to say off-hour Santa Rosa water pump services can cost you a fortune. Thankfully, like all other things, a few simple maintenance tips can keep your well pump up and running all year round.

Perform Frequent Visual Checks: One of the most basic steps in maintaining your well pump is to just keep an eye on it. Looking for leaks or electrical wire deterioration can help prevent a breakdown at any given time. By inspecting your well pump regularly, issues such as electrical shorts can be spotted and fixed before they turn into a major problem.

Prevent Corrosion: Corrosion over time can decrease the longevity of your well pump and well casing. The best way to prevent your well pump from corroding is to invest in a quality pump that is made from corrosion-resistant materials such a stainless steel.

Watch Out for Drips: Tighten any loose connection if you notice water dripping from your water pump or any other part of the unit. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may be dealing with a worn-out part that needs replacement.

Schedule Regular Inspections: While DIY maintenance can certainly keep your pump running, it is also important for you to schedule a professional inspection from time to time. An experienced eye will be able to spot the problems early, and fix them before they turn into a major one that will run you a hefty bill!

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