Water is one of the most important things which we need for our survival. We have been reading from our school days regarding the various uses of water. When it comes to potable water, it is important that we remain extra careful as that water is directly consumed by us. And we all know that polluted or contaminated water can pose great threat to our health. There are various kinds of water sources on which people depend for their drinking water requirements. Among the many sources,a water well is a popular source. Many people have a well drilled in their premises from which they obtain water for drinking as well as for other usages. With increasing demands of digging wells, many water well drilling companies in Napa County are offering their services in this regard. It is recommended to choose a proper well drilling company for the job so that there are no complaints or problems later.

Protecting the Well Water from Pollution

We are all aware of the fact of increasing pollution levels in the environment. The water well that potentially provides water to your home is also affected by pollution. There are various kinds of contaminants which contribute to the safetyof the well water and could make it unsuitable for consumption. Some of the most common kinds of contaminants include the likes of dissolved solids, coliform bacteria, nitrates, and disturbing pH levels. Drinking this water could meancompromising the health of your loved ones. Hence it is very important that the well water is regularly monitored and checked and most importantly, properly protected. This is a responsibility which every well owner has to take.

Many people think that only testing the water of the well is enough for protecting it. While testing is done for very general items, there are many areas in which there are contaminants like radon and arsenic;that are not part of many standard sampling procedures. Contact a certified contractor from some water well drilling companies in Napa County, and send the water sample for thorough testing and checking to a proper laboratory. Be sure to ask if there are in problem contaminants in your area that you should be concerned with.

Some Ways for Ascertaining Water Pollution in the Well

Before you hire the services of experts for dealing with well water pollution, it is recommended to check some things on your own to understand the problem genuinely. Mentioned below are some tried-and-tested ways for understanding if the well water is polluted or not:

  • Smell the Well Water–When it comes to well water, you may find it has some to no smell at all. Many wells in the area has a sulfur smell which while is unpleasing, does not have a health risk unless in very large quantities. However, if you find that the well water smells like ammonia and seems toxic and foul smelling, chances are very high that the water is contaminated.
  • See the Well Water – Contaminated well water does not look like fresh water. If the water is affected by pollutants, the water will seem to be cloudy, murky, and will also seem to be discolored.Its is possible some of the waters appearance is from harmless minerals, but it is best to test and be confident of this being the case.

Keep a Check on Various Activities Which Take Place Around the Well

Underground water is the main source of water in the well. As a result, it is very important that you should monitor and keep a check on the various activities which take place around the well. Happenings around your property might pose a risk for water contamination of the well. As per tips from experienced professionals from water well drilling companies in Napa County, mentioned below are some activities which you should be cautious of as these might hamper the integrity of the supply of your well water.

  • Check if there is any unauthorized waste disposal taking place near the site of the well. If yes, the source of the waste disposal should be located and redirected elsewhere.
  • Check if any kind of construction work is in progress in nearby area. You should also check for ground disruption or drilling activities.
  • Septic seepage can be a grave problem for your well. People who have septic systems in their home must ensure that there is no cross contamination or overflow of the septic system.
  • There are chances that fertilizers, pesticides or other kinds of harsh chemicals flow towards your well from some other source and cause pollution to well water. Check the sources from where these pollutants come.
  • In many areas, potential water pollution alerts are set up. Make sure that you follow the alerts and do the needful for protecting the well water.
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Have Your Well Water Examined at Regular Intervals

When the well in your house is an important source of water, it is very important that the well is maintained and taken care of. In case there are any issues on the surface of the well, both inwards and outwards, it is recommended to get those fixed as soon as possible.

Along with maintaining the well, it is also important to carry on routine water tests so that you will be aware of the potential or new pollutants and beware of the same. It is true that majority of minerals and harmful bacteria can be filtered out in proper water filtration system, but getting the well inspected by professionals yearly is an excellent idea. Along with the well water system inspection, it is also recommended to have the underground water tested by experts. This testing should be done in a mandatory manner after a flood, post septic malfunction, after well replacement or repair, after local construction work, etc.

Now that you know how to protect the well water from pollution, hire services from water well drilling companies in Napa County, and get a well dug in your home for interrupted water supply. If you need to get your well water checked, or are looking for a reliable company to install a well, waste no time, contact Weeks Drilling & Pump Co.at 707-823-3184 today.