Water is a valuable resource that we use every day. And therefore, choosing the right filtration system for your house is important. Often homeowners find themselves caught up in making the right decision. If you are undecided between whole-house well water filtration systems and point-of-use systems, fret not. Read on to get more details on both the types of filtration systems from a reputed water well service in Santa Rosa.

Whole-House Filtration System

Even if you believe your well water is sans contaminants, it does contain mineral deposits that can cause intensive damage to your appliances as well as plumbing over time. Well water can also lead to dry and irritated skin. If you have young kids or elders in your household, it will be a good idea to consider installing a whole-house water filtration system. This provides a simple, safe yet affordable method to ensure your family has access to pure water for all their needs. Are you still unconvinced? Listed below are four major benefits of installing a water filtration system in your home.

Round-the-Clock Safe Drinking Water–As mentioned earlier, your well water contains various contaminants such as lead that can be detrimental to health. Most tap water as well as well water sources across the United States are contaminated due to pollution. Testing your well water is the only method to know how contaminated it is. When you install a water filtration system, you can rest assured you are drinking clean, pure, and better-tasting water.

HealthyShowers and Baths – Drinking contaminated water can lead to myriad health conditions. The same goes with bathing in contaminated water. Your body will absorb harmful contaminants via the skin. Though chemicals such as chlorine are deemed safe at certain levels, they can still lead to skin irritation, rashes, and dryness. When you install a whole-house filtration, you will be installing a filter at the single point of entry where water enters your home. This translates to one simple thing – Pure Water. Whether you are drinking a glass of water from the faucet or brushing your teeth, you will be doing so using uncontaminated water.

Longer Life for Plumbing and Appliances – Even the most harmless minerals found in water can over time lead to issues in your plumbing system. Likewise, the appliances your plumbing uses, such as the garbage disposal, the faucets, and your dishwasher can be affected by impure water. Whole-house filtration ensures that only filtered water flows through the pipes and can help your entire plumbing system and all the appliances last much longer. This in turn means you will accrue less costs over time from appliance and plumbing repairs.

Better for Your Wallet and Environment – For those of you who rely on bottled water, a whole-house filtration system will help reduce costs dramatically. Let us not forget that plastic bottles do pose a big threat to the environment. Most plastic bottles end up in landfills and take several decades before they start breaking down. Also, plastic bottles themselves contain chemicals that could seep into the water. Installing a filtration system will allow you to access clean water without harming the environment.

Point-of-Use Filtration

Often referred to as POU, point-of-use filtration systems are installed at certain specific entry points in the house. They are generally installed to produce purified drinking water in kitchen counters. These filtration systems have a smaller capacity when compared to whole-house systems, and are best suited for installation at a single connection point wherein there is light use. Many households use this filtration system for production of water to be used for cooking, drinking, and bathing. While these systems are rather inexpensive, they require regular maintenance. You will need to replace filters every 3 to 6 months. This may, however, vary based on the size of the unit installed. There are various kinds of point-of-use filtration systems to suit the varying needs and budgets of consumers. The most popular ones being RO – reverse osmosis and carbon filtration. Both these units remove as much as 99% of contaminants present in water to produce high-quality drinking water.

Listed below are a few of the advantages of choosing a point-of-use filtration system as opposed to whole-house filtration systems.

Better than Water Pitcher and Refrigerator Filters – Point-of-use filtration systems are a great alternative to drinking water from a water pitcher filter. Both water pitcher filters and fridge filters can slightly improve both smell and taste of water, but not as efficiently as a point-of-use filtration system. Modern point-of-use filtration systems use advanced filtration techniques such as carbon filtration that produces great tasting water that is healthy and free of most contaminants. All this at the fraction of the cost spent on expensive filtration systems.

Easy Installation – Ease of installation is what makes point-of-use water filtration systems such a popular choice today. Aside from the fact that it produces clean and better-tasting water, it is child’s play to install these systems. Most point-of-use water filtration systems can be installed easily within a few minutes and with little to none modifications to your kitchen.

Affordable Filtration System –One of the biggest reasons why homeowners opt for point-of-use filtration systems over whole-house filtration is their affordability.The point-of-use filtration systemcosts a lot less when compared to whole-house filtration systems as they are much smaller and only filter water at a single source.

The bottom line is both these filtration systems have their own advantages and offer pure and healthy water. If you have any questions about how these systems work, or if you’d like to install one of the filtration systems, contact Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. today. Call us at 707-823-3184. Aside from water well service in Santa Rosa, we also provide pump service and repair and several other services.