Estimates are that around 15% of the US public utilizes groundwater using private wells, and if anything, the practice is only becoming more popular.  As more people and businesses move away from the large cities and into less-developed areas, well water can be an invaluable source of water for both everyday use and commercial purposes.

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. has been on the forefront of private water well drilling in Sonoma County for decades, with a company history that stretches back over one hundred years.  We’re constantly looking for better, safer, and more efficient ways of extracting water from the Earth, and in the process, providing superior value to our customers.

Private water wells aren’t for everybody, but if you’re on a piece of land with a water source below it, they can have substantial advantages over using municipal or bottled water sources.

Why Choose Private Sonoma County Water Well Drilling?

  1. Cost-Savings

Ultimately, a well-maintained private pump is usually the most cost-effective solution for providing water to your home or business.  Beyond not having to pay others for providing and treating your water, in some areas there are even tax credits available for people running their own wells!

  1. Eco-Friendliness

Municipal water systems have their uses, in terms of providing water to thousands or millions of people.  However, they’re huge operations, power hungry, and usually have to use a wide variety of questionable chemicals for treating that water.  On the other hand, most groundwater from a purified aquifer is already safe to drink.  Or, at worst, it just needs a bit of filtration.  That makes it a far more ecologically-friendly option for providing your water needs.

  1. Better Taste

One thing you will neverhear is someone praising the taste of their publicly-treated water.  On the other hand, water from private springs and aquifers is almost certain to taste much better, with a minimum of chemicals or impurities.  This makes it better for drinking and washing, and for use in food or drink preparation, or even irrigation!

Weeks Drilling Has Unparalleled Experience with Water Well Drilling in Sonoma County

As one of the busiest water drilling and pumping companies in California, we have the experience necessary to design and maintain the perfect water pump solution for your needs!  Contact us today to schedule an appointment.