Whether you do not like the taste of your water, or the erratic water supply in your area is a cause of concern, consider installing private water well.

More than 15 million households in the country have private water wells. For families in rural without basic water supply, installing a well is a matter of necessity rather than choice. However, this does not mean only families with no water supply opt for private water well. Many households with access to a public water supply system choose to install their own well pump service in Napa County because of the following benefits of private water wells.

Cleaner And Healthier Water Source

People who live in urban areas rely on municipal water. But unfortunately, municipalities use chemicals that affect the water quality. No wonder municipal water often tastes weird. Although most impurities are filtered out during the purification and decontamination process, municipal water may still contain contaminants and chemicals that are left behind in the process.

This is not the only way contamination can occur. If a system malfunction, contamination can occur at the treatment plant itself. A pipe used to transport water often develops a leak or gets damaged, allowing contaminants to enter the water supply system.

If contamination at a water treatment plant occurs, by the time authorities detect the problem and take appropriate action, it may be too late, and the system may distribute contaminated water to several households. In addition, exposure to contaminated water can cause different health problems.

Water from a private well is naturally filtered through rock layers. It is stored in natural underground aquifers and is devoid of potentially harmful chemicals used to purify municipal water. Well water contains several minerals, including magnesium and calcium, and may even provide health benefits.

You Will Save Money In The Long Run 

You may think that the upfront cost of your water well pump and other components of your private water well system and the installation cost are high. However, the benefits of private water well exceed the cost of having it up and running.

Having a private well means you will never have to pay for your water again. Municipalities periodically revise water rates. With a private water well, you have free access to healthier, better-tasting water, and don’t have to worry about increasing water rates.

Reduced Dependence On Municipal Water Supply 

The municipal water supply can be erratic. If a system at your local treatment plant develops a problem or a water main burst, your municipality may struggle to ensure an uninterrupted water supply. As a result, you may not get water on some days. Since repairing a water main or a faulty system takes time, you may have to wait for several days or even weeks before the supply is restored.

A decrease in the water supply can cause inconvenience, and you may struggle to perform daily activities such as showering, using the toilet, and household cleaning.  In these desperate times, you may have to use bottled or potted water for daily tasks, resulting in additional expenses.

With private well water, you have 24/7 access to water and do not have to worry about an erratic water supply. Private well water helps prevent the inconvenience caused by irregular water supply, ensuring you don’t face any challenges when going about your daily life.

Better Water Quality 

Water from a municipal water treatment often contains chemicals such as chlorine. In addition to affecting the taste of water, chlorine can cause stomach aches and other gut complications if ingested in large quantities.

With private water well, you will have high-quality water in terms of taste and texture. Water from a private water well does not contain chemicals used by municipalities to purify water.

Unlike municipal water, which often tastes weird due to the chemicals used to purify it, water from a private water well tastes sweet due to its minerals. How sweet your water tastes depend on the number of minerals dissolved in it, which, in turn, is determined by the terrain over which your water flows.

Water From A Private Water Well Is Eco-friendly 

Treatment plants use big machines that consume an enormous amount of energy. Some machines run on energy generated by fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. Fossil fuels emit harmful gases that contribute to pollution.

In addition, some chemicals used by water treatment plants to purify water can harm the environment. Water treatment plants often dump toxic waste generated during different processes in nearby water bodies polluting them.

When you have a private water well, you can rest assured that your water comes from a clean source. A private well water system uses small amounts of energy to pull water from the well and distribute it throughout the house. No chemicals are required to clean water from private well water as it is naturally purified.

Increased Property Value 

A functional private water well can increase property value. Many house buyers prefer properties with private water well as it saves them the hassle and cost of installing a well. Plus, they are assured of savings as they don’t need to pay for their water ever again.

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