Millions of U.S. households get their water from private water wells. Earlier, only homes on remote properties where municipalities could not deliver services used these private water wells. Today, more families in populated regions are considering having their own wells.

A private well provides free drinking water, which means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and rising water prices.

We will give you not one, but five reasons why installing private water well is a good idea.

A Private Well Is Not Dependent on a Municipal Source

Do you have a plan to cope with an unreliable public water supply? What if your water main breaks and your provider needs days to fix it? With no water supply, you will have to rely on bottled water for drinking and cooking and may have to go without showering or laundering for days.

Municipal water contamination risk is real. Municipal water can become contaminated due to several reasons. If a pipe breaks or a chemical spill occurs at a water treatment plant, contaminants can get into drinking water, rendering it undrinkable.

If your municipal water becomes contaminated, you may have to follow a lengthy water purification process (assuming the problem is discovered and details pertaining to it are shared with the public).

A private well is a relatively safer and more reliable source of water. With proper care and maintenance, your private well will provide fresh water for years.

A Private Water Well Can Increase Property Value 

A functional private water-well can increase home value. As a rule of thumb, the better the quality of water, the more the value your well will add to your property. Other factors that will determine how much value private water well will add to your home are its condition and age, and well type.

If your well water is contaminated, your well can lower home’s value instead of increasing it. Test your well water for common contaminants such as nitrates, volatile organic compounds, and mercury, radium, radium, and atrazine regularly.

If your well water has contaminants, do not wait too long to reach out to a well water service company for help. Follow these simple tips to reduce the risk of well water contamination.

➢ Keep the area around your well clean

➢ Do not store hazardous materials such as fertilizers near your well

➢ Check your well cap regularly to make sure it is intact

➢ Maintain proper separation between your water system and waste system

➢ Chemical storage facilities should be constructed away from water systems

Well Water Usually Tastes Better 

Municipal water is treated to remove impurities such as harmful chemicals, disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and dirt. Salts and chemicals used for disinfecting municipal water can affect its smell and taste.

Most people who use well water will agree that it tastes better than municipal water. Well water tastes refreshing. This is due to the fact that it is naturally filtered through layers of underground stone and mineral deposits.

Private Wells Are an Environmentally Friendly Water Source

Chemicals used in water treatment can have significant effects on the environment. In most instances, you don’t need chemicals to treat groundwater as it is naturally filtered through layers of rocks.

Water treatment plants use heavy machines that emit toxic pollutants. They use fossil fuels and consume massive amounts of energy. Fossil fuels are finite resources. They produce carbon dioxide and other toxic gases that can cause irreparable damage to the environment.

You can play your part in saving the environment by installing a private well. A private water well can help you reduce your carbon footprint as no harmful emissions are produced during the process (drawing water from the well and transporting it to your home). Also, groundwater is more sustainable than surface water.

Well Water Is Healthier

Well water is naturally filtered and infused with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are important for growth, development, and normal bodily functions.

Tips to Maintain Your Private Well 

A private well can be contaminated by both naturally occurring sources and human activities. Contaminated water can cause several health problems ranging from gastrointestinal illnesses and neurological problems to even some types of cancers.

You are responsible for maintaining your private well. Be a responsible property owner and follow these tips to maintain your well.

➢ Mix fertilizers carefully. Do not put the hose inside the container. Take steps to prevent back-siphonage.

➢ Be careful to avoid damaging the casing when mowing around your well.

➢ Have a licensed or certified contractor check your well for mechanical problems and cleanliness every year. If there is a change in taste, color, or smell of your water, have it tested.

➢ Store important records such as annual maintenance records, water analysis reports, and construction reports in a safe place.

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