Water is an elixir of life. We can go without food for days, but, a few hours without water can drive us crazy. Every family must have an easy and safe access to clean water. Relying on a local public source of water might lead to serious health concerns. Water from public sources such as tap water contains chemicals that can impact your health in the long run. You need a reliable source of water to avoid these health risks. What’s better than having that source in your backyard? At Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., we believe access to clean drinking water is every citizen’s right. As a reputable water well drilling service provider in Novato, we ensure our community members stay protected against water borne diseases. We have shared in this post some benefits of possessing water well at home.

1.  Well Water is a Storehouse of Minerals

Almost all municipalities use chemicals to treat water. These chemicals eliminate essential minerals found in water. Naturally filtered well water is a storehouse of various minerals and other nutrients. Typically, well water tastes better than tap water. Because well water does not include harsh chemicals, it is gentler on skin.

 2.  Well Water is Free

Why pay for water when you can have it for free? All you need to do is get a water well drilled at your home. Once your water well starts operating you can bid adieu to your water bills and utilize well water for drinking, doing dishes, and washing clothes in the coming years.

 3.  Well Water is Reliable

Public sources of water are notoriously unreliable. Unexpected emergency such as a damaged line can result in deficient supply. On the other hand, well water is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which implies you do not have to rely completely on your local municipality. Additionally, there is no distribution, which means you can use water as much as you want.

 4.  Helps to Enhance Property Value

An operational water well can enhance your property’s value. The exact amount of value added by a well depends on factors such as the type of well and water quality.

 5. Well Water is Environment Friendly

Treated with chemicals, water from public sources keeps on circulating in the environment. Whereas, naturally filtered well water requires no treatment with chemicals. Having said this, well water can become contaminated due to contact with soil from bedrock. To avoid health issues, get your well water tested at regular intervals.

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