Anyone who does water well drilling in Healdsburg is familiar with the problem of leaking wells.  While minor leaks aren’t always an immediate problem, leaking wells almost always get worse over time – and they’ll start doing significant damage to your well and pumping apparatus.  Worse, leaks can sometimes be hard to detect.  Often, a well-owner doesn’t recognize the signs of a leak until it’s already become a costly problem.

These are some of the biggest signs you need to call someone out to look at your well sooner, rather than later, to prevent leak damage.

Four Warning Signs of a Leaking Well

1 – Degrading Water Quality

If water can get out of your well, then foreign substances can get in.  Often, one of the first signs of a leaky well is an increase in dirt, debris, and other undesired materials in your water.  Don’t just get a new filter – there are probably deeper problems involved.

Speaking of which…

2 – Needing to replace filters more frequently

This goes hand-in-hand with #1.  If you have more dirt and other foreign materials making their way into your water supply, that’s going to put a bigger burden on your filtration system.  In fact, it’s a good idea to keep a log of your filter changes for this exact reason.  Often your first warning sign that there are problems with your well will be increased demand for filters.

3 – Steadily Decreasing Water Pressure

As the leak becomes worse, it’s likely to start affecting the water pressure you get from your faucets and other outlets.  You can tell it’s a leak because the reduced flow will be minor at first, but then slowly become more apparent as days or weeks pass.

4 – Damage to your equipment

Sometimes, but not always, the leak will be partially due to problems with your pumping machinery.  Or, there may be a common cause – such as seismological activity – which damages the machinery and creates a leak in the well.  Either way, if you see damage to your equipment, it’s definitely time to call in specialists in water well drilling in Healdsburg.

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