Here at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., we’re passionate about our jobs.  We want to bring the very best in drilling and water pump service in Sonoma County, helping everyone from everyday citizens to municipalities enjoy the best possible water straight from the Earth.

And, of course, with California still recovering from its recent years-long drought, we’re glad to be helping ensure people have access to the water they need!

If you’re in need of water pump service in Sonoma County, turn to Weeks Drilling!

Why Choose Weeks for Your Drilling and Water Pump Needs

  1. Unparalleled Experience

Weeks Drilling’s history stretches back more than one hundred years, when we began as a hardware store and pump shop.  Since then, we’ve steadily expanded our range of services to include drilling, pump installation, and repair, while adding to our capacity.  Today, we can handle drilling and pump work on virtually any scale, and we’re one of the most relied-upon pump servicers in California.

  1. Extensive Pump Options

We aren’t a “one size fits all” operation.  We’re comfortable working with a wide variety of water pumps, including booster pumps, solar pumps, turbines, and more.  Whatever pumping solution you currently have in place, we can work with.  And if you need a new pump, we’ll work with you to custom-design a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

  1. Full Inspection and Testing Services

Need to verify the integrity of your wells and pumps?  Call on Weeks Drilling.  We’re fully certified to inspect and test your equipment, ensuring it’s entirely up to code and safe for use.  We deploy a variety of technologies, including “down well” video surveillance equipment, to give you the most thorough possible inspection – both inside and out.

  1. A True Track Record of Success

A company doesn’t last as long as Weeks Drilling & Pump without being truly dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Our history is full of one success story after another, and a thorough list of dedicated clients who wouldn’t trust their wells and pumps to anybody else.  One look at our list of testimonials will show just how seriously we take our work.

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. Is Here for You

If you’re looking for the best option in drilling and water pump service in Sonoma County, Weeks is the name to remember.  Contact us today to discuss your pumping needs!