If you’re reliant on a pump to supply your water, then you know just how vital that pump is.  Whether you’re a homeowner using it for your drinking supply, a business owner who needs the water for day-to-day operations, or working on even larger scales… that pump should never go neglected.

That’s why we consider it unfortunate, when we’re doing water pump repair in Sonoma County, to see situations where major system replacements could have been avoided with some basic repairs and maintenance.  We strongly encourage all our customers, large or small, to stay aware of the health of their pump, and take care of minor problems before they become serious issues.

Here are some issues to watch out for, early warning signs that your pump needs maintenance.  Ignoring them could cost you far more in the long run.

4 Warning Signs You Need Water Pump Repair in Sonoma County

  1. Anydiscoloration in the water.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but any discoloration in the water is a major warning sign which should be attended to immediately.  Besides indicating potential threats to the purity of the water, it can mean there’s a possible leak in the system allowing impurities to make it into your well.

  1. Sputtering faucets and spigots.

If your water spigots are sputtering when you first turn them on, that indicates there’s air in the lines.  This may happen naturally from time to time, particularly if it’s a spigot which has not been used in a while.  However, if it happens consistently, that almost always indicates that the pump isn’t working properly.

  1. Abnormally high electric bills.

When a pump is attached to the electric mains, a common warning sign is that it suddenly starts using more electricity than normal.  In other words, it’s straining and having to use far more power to continue providing the same level of water.  So, if your electric bill goes up, and you can’t find another source, the water pump could be the culprit.

  1. Unusual sounds from the pipes or pump.

This is another sign people sometimes ignore when they shouldn’t.  Any unusual sounds from the pipes or pumps – such as groaning, grinding, or growling – should be investigated immediately.  They almost always indicate looming mechanical failure.

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