There are several benefits of installing a private well. Well water is free. With a well, you will be in charge of what’s in your drinking water supply. Whether you already own a private well or are planning to install one, caring for your well pump should be your top priority.

The well pump is the most essential and crucial component of a well water system. Your well pump draws water from the ground and transports it to your house through a series of pipes. Without a functional well pump, you won’t have fresh water for your home.

When their well pump malfunctions, well owners have two options – they can either repair or replace it. So, how do you know whether your well pump needs repair, or is beyond repair and must be replaced with a new pump? Here are some ways to tell.

Your Pump is Too Old

With proper maintenance, an average submersible pump can last up to 10-15 years. If your pump is approaching the end of its service life, your technician may recommend replacing it, as the professional would have to extract it from the well, which is both laborious and time taking.

If your old pump is on its last legs, it can go kaput anytime. The rule of thumb says that if the cost of repairing a pump exceeds 50 percent of the cost of a new pump, it should be replaced.

Another important factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a pump is its run time. If your system is in place for years, but the pump doesn’t run all the time, it may be in good condition. 

Your Pump Runs Constantly

Have you noticed a sudden and inexplicable hike in your energy bills? If so, there is a possibility that your pump is running continuously. Faulty pumps have to work harder than usual to maintain their water pressure.

Your pump repair specialist will check different parts of your well water system to determine why it isn’t building sufficient pressure. If the problem is due to a minor plumbing leak or an internal blockage, the professional will fix it.

If there is a leak in the suction line, the pump repair expert will prime it. They will also check the pressure control switch and repair it if it is faulty. If, however, your technician detects a major issue and determines that your pump is beyond repair, you may have to replace it.

Regularity of Failures

Does your pump break down frequently? If yes, ask your pump repair expert to analyze the problem. If your pump was installed incorrectly, some reworking could be all that you need or it could be a faulty pump in the first place. If it is covered under warranty, ask the supplier to replace it.

Your Well Water is Dirty

Does your water smell like rotten eggs?Or tastes metallic? Although aesthetically unpleasing there is often nothing to worry about. These are usually signs of harmless minerals in your well. If your well water contains sand or sediments, move fast to fix the issue. More often than not, this is an issue directly related to the pump, or the sand and sediment can negatively impact your pumps lifespan.

Some other common causes of dirty well water are:

  • Broken water pipes
  • A recent heavy rain may have washed surface water into the well
  • A leak in a nearby septic system may have caused contaminants to get into the groundwater

Whatever be the reason, if you feel there may be something wrong with your drinking water you should not the water from your well until the problem is fixed or at least inspected by a professional.

Air is Spitting from Your Faucet

If you turn on your faucet and it seems like the water is not consistently flowing or bubbles are coming through the pipes, there may be a crack in the pipe connecting your pump to your home. A plumber or a well repair specialist will be able to fix the problem.

You may also want to check if your water table has dropped below the pump. If your well runs dry, you may need to drill a new one or add storage tanks to accommodate the lower water availability. If everything else is fine and your pump repair expert spots signs that your pump is not working efficiently and is about to fall apart, replace it before things get out of hand.

You Do Not Have Water

If you have no water at all, there are several possibilities. There may be a problem with the circuit breaker, or the pressure switch may have shut off. Resetting the breaker or the pressure switchmay solve the problem.

If your circuit breaker trips frequently, you may want to have your pump inspected by your technician. Suspect a plumbing failure? Ask your plumber to look into the problem.

If your circuit breaker is working properly or your plumber does not find any leaks, there is a possibility that your pump is too old and no longer capable of lifting water. If this is the case, replace your pump.

Tips to Save on Well Pump Repair and Replacement

  • Make sure the well pump equipment is easily accessible
  • Salvage and reuse components
  • Keep records. You must know your pump model and horsepower, pipe size and type, wire size, well depth, and well casing type and diameter
  • Provide as much information as you can to your well repair expert

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