Food manufacturing companies rely on water well drilling companies to test the water carefully before the water is used within the production process. In this latest post, we’ll explain the importance of water testing within food production and highlight why many now turn to professional water well drilling companies in Healdsburg for guidance.

Impact on product quality

One of the most important considerations when using water in a food or beverage product for public consumption is that the water should be odorless, flavorless, and colorless. One bad batch of water within a soft drink production line could destroy a brand’s reputation for the years to come.

Potential for equipment damage

Over time, the data shows that equipment that comes into contact with poor quality water can be damaged and even destroyed. The water may impact components within the equipment, leading to the breakdown of synthetic materials due to corrosion. Damage to components can cause the breakdown of a production line, which may impact the productivity of the company over the coming weeks and months. It’s critical to follow a strict water quality testing program to remove the potential for equipment problems.

Change in product taste

One of the leading reasons for testing your water along with trusted water well drilling companies in Healdsburg is to ensure the quality of taste required by your consumers. The taste of the product is highly influenced by the water in its production. If one small change in the water chemistry takes place, the product can begin to change in taste. For example, consumers in the beer industry now require a very specific taste profile from their craft beer products. A slight change in water quality will significantly weaken a brand and limit the value of their products within a quickly growing marketplace.

Weeks Drilling & Pump

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