Week’s Drilling & Pumping Co. is Sonoma County’s leading water well drilling company. We have worked on projects across the county and have experienced that today, more households opt to have a private well established on their property due to the following benefits of a private well.

Reduced Dependence on Municipal Water Supply

An erratic water supply can make life difficult for you and your loved ones. Suppose you rely solely on the municipal water supply, and a water main bursts or contamination occurs at the water treatment plant.

In that case, your municipality may be forced to stop supplying water to your area until the problem is resolved, leaving you high and dry. It may take several days or a few weeks to address the issue.

The quality of water from municipal water systems remains a significant concern. Municipalities use pipes to deliver water to urban areas. Lines utilized by a municipal water system can break or crack, allowing contaminants to get into groundwater. A private well can help ensure you have unhindered access to safe drinking water.

Private Well Water is Healthier and Tastes Better

Municipalities around the world add chemicals to drinking water to decontaminate it. Private well water is devoid of chemicals, naturally filtered through rock layers, and contains many minerals that help regulate bodily processes. Chemical-free water from a private well provides homeowners a natural alternative to the traditional municipality supply.

Lower Water Bills

Your municipality can increase water tax at regular intervals. As a result, you may be forced to reduce water use. Install a private well, and you will be able to lessen the bill with the help of your private water supply.

With a private well, you have uninterrupted access to healthier, better-tasting water, and you need not decrease shower time or the frequency of watering your plants.

It Increases Property Value

Installing a private well on your property is a great way to increase its value. Some factors that affect how much value a private well can add to the property are well condition, age and type, and well water quality.

Usually, wells that provide water for different purposes add more value than the ones that provide water only for irrigation. As a result, home buyers gravitate toward properties with a private well as it saves the hassle of drilling a new well.

A contaminated well can, however, decrease the value of your home instead of increasing it. Therefore, before putting your property on the market, have a professional test your well water and inspect and maintain your well.

To prevent contamination, keep the area around your well clean. Make sure the fertilizer storage area is located far away from your well. Periodically inspect your well cap to see if it is intact and secure. A damaged well cap should be changed promptly as it can allow disease-causing germs, debris, dirt, and other contaminants to enter the well. Ensure the septic tank drain field is 100 feet away from your well.

A Private Well Can Help You Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Chemicals and methods used to treat municipal water can impact the environment. You do not need chemicals to treat water well. Water treatment plants around the country utilize heavy machinery powered by fossil fuels that release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, and other poisonous gases when burned.

To contribute to sustainability, have a private well installed on your property. A private well uses a well pump designed to push water from it into your storage tank, where it sits until you need it. Well pumps use a small amount of power and have a much lower environmental impact than giant machines used by water treatment plants.

Water Well Maintenance Tips

To keep your water well in top shape, make regular water well maintenance a priority. Periodic maintenance addresses current well water problems before they snowball into crises and prevents future problems.

Here are some tips for maintaining your water well.

  • Regularly check the well cover and the cap on the casing for signs of damage.
  • Have a professional test your water for contaminants such as coliform bacteria, nitrates, and nitrites at least once a year.
  • Regularly test and monitor the amount of organic and inorganic materials dissolved in your water.
  • Have a certified professional maintain your well every year.
  • Be extra cautious when mowing around your well to avoid damaging the casing.

Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. is one of Sonoma’s most trusted groundwater firms. Our well-drilling experts know the ins and outs of drilling and maintaining wells. They take various measures to ensure a flawless installation. To schedule water well drilling in Sonoma County, call (707) 823-3184.