There are several benefits of having a water well in your backyard. Adding a water well to your backyard will not only help create a country vibe, but can also do wonders for your health. Well water is fresh and naturally filtered, and it does not include harmful contaminants. Additionally, water well can help you save on water bills. But, you cannot just get a well drilled and forget it. To get the most out of your well, you need to take good care of it. Wells, just like mechanical devices, need regular maintenance to serve its purpose. Before hiring a well drilling expert in Santa Rosa, it is important that you understand the responsibilities as an owner for maintaining your water well.

1. Get Your Well Inspected Regularly

Get your well checked by a well drilling expert in Santa Rosa at least once every year. When inspecting a water well, an expert not only checks for mechanical problems, but also tests the water to ensure it does not contain harmful chemicals and contaminants such as different types of harmful microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), nitrates, radon, and arsenic. In case the expert finds any traces of harmful contaminants in the water, they will ask you to stop consuming it till they come up with a solution to the problem. While this may cause inconvenience, remember nothing is more important than your health.

2. Check the Well Cover at Regular Intervals

Inspect your well cover regularly. Make sure it is at least one foot above the ground. Check the condition of the well cover, and replace it if it has developed holes through which dirt, grime, chemicals, and other contaminants can seep in. The well cover should completely cover the well. If the cover does not fit snugly, get it replaced immediately.

3. Maintain Proper Separation Between Your Well and Waste Disposal Systems

Cases of waste from neighboring drainage systems entering wells are not unheard of. To avoid health issues, maintain proper separation between your well and drainage systems and chemical storage facilities, if any, around it. To ensure proper drainage, at the time of landscaping, make sure to keep the topmost part of your well at least 16 inches above the ground. Keep the surroundings clean, and get rid of shrubbery and snow at regular intervals.

Follow these tips to avoid health issues, and ensure your well serves its purpose. Remember that most wells have an effective service life of 20 years. In case your well is approaching the end of its lifespan, consider getting it dismantled. No matter how complex your well maintenance needs, Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. can help. To schedule an appointment with our expert team, call us at 707-823-3184. Alternatively, to get answers to all your questions related to maintenance of wells, fill out our contact form.