Many homes do not have access to drinking water supply through municipal services. This can pose a major problem, as water is crucial for survival. That is why it is common to see private wells in properties that do not get served by the municipal bodies. However, this water is not treated like the water supplied by the municipalities, so you will always be concerned about the quality and safety of your well water even if you have a water treatment system. Thankfully, you can opt for professional water well service in Santa Rosa that will give you peace of mind.

Why You Need to Know About Well Water Safety

Private springs and groundwater sources are not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974. Hence, water from these sources could be contaminated and unsafe for drinking. If you own a well, it is your responsibility to ensure that the water from the well is safe to drink. In case you do not properly maintain your well, chances are high that the water will be unsafe for drinking.

Here are Some Factors to Consider When it Comes to Well Water Safety:

  • Location: Ensure that you dig the well in a safe location, one that does not have hazards and other issues that can contaminate the water in the well.

  • Construction: It is imperative to get a professional to construct your well. If this happens, you never have to worry about the structure caving in and allowing soil pollutants and other contaminants to enter the water.

  • Water Safety: Get the water tested using a water well service in Santa Rosa before you begin consuming it. It will give you peace of mind, and ensure you have nothing to worry about.

  • Maintenance: Ensure that you maintain the well, as it is necessary to keep the water safe for drinking. Get a professional service for well maintenance as it plays a major role in keeping the water safe and contaminant-free.

Ensuring Groundwater Safety

Typically, groundwater sources are safe for drinking. However, there could be some incidents that could contaminate the water, like chemical or fertilizer runoffs, litter, waste materials from the house, and pesticides. Also, spring and well water could have high levels of hard minerals, heavy metals, fluorine and chlorine. These can have an adverse effect on your health.

Remember, the water underground is not stationary. It can pick up contaminants as it flows through soil and rocks. Hence, it is essential you go in for professional well water service in Santa Rosa that will periodically test the water, and ensure it does not have dangerously high levels of pollutants and contaminants.

Testing Well Water

The EPA has its own standards that it considers acceptable for well water. These standards tell you the acceptable levels of contaminants, minerals and elements that can be present in the water for a specific area. While you can purchase a DIY well water testing kit, it will not be an accurate method of testing. That is why you should not think twice about using a professional service to test the well water.

Some of the tests that you should get done on your well water to ensure that the water is safe include the following:

  • Coliform Bacteria Test: This test will reveal whether the water contains coliform bacteria, which can indicate other bacteria may be present that can be harmful to your health. If E. Coli bacteria is found, this presence of bacteria in the well water indicates contamination by animal feces or sewage.

  • Nitrate Test: Groundwater is often contaminated by nitrate. If the concentration of nitrate is high, the water is dangerous for babies under the age of six months. Nitrate causes a problem with the ability of blood to transport oxygen.

  • Ion Test: Water has natural ions, but the presence of sodium, sulfate, iron, chloride, and magnesium can cause the water to have an unpleasant odor or taste.

  • Sulfate Test: It is essential to get your well water tested for sulfate as high levels can result in irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to diarrhea.

  • Fluoride Test: This test helps to ascertain the level of fluoride in the well water. Some amount of fluoride is important, but high levels lead to permanent discoloration of teeth and other severe dental problems.

  • Total Dissolved Solids: Well water naturally has inorganic substances, but if their level is too high, it can make the water unpleasant to consume.

The aforementioned tests evaluate basic potability of well water. However, depending on which part of Santa Rosa you reside, there could be contaminant-specific tests that could be necessary. For instance, in areas that are known for high levels of arsenic and uranium, it is best to get the well water tests for these chemical elements.

You should be looking to test well water at least once a year. However, if your well is shallow, the testing should be done seasonally as shallow wells are more susceptible to contamination.

Remember, when testing groundwater, you should get not only the well water tested, but also the water that comes from the tap. Doing tests at the source and tap will help you check the efficacy of your water treatment system. If the well water is contaminated, you would have to find the source of the contamination, and take corrective and remedial measures. It is prudent to remember that well water can easily get contaminated if it is located near the septic tank or sewage drainage. Hence, it is always advisable to dig a well that is away from these possible sources of contamination.

Weeks Drilling’s Final Words

A professional well water service in Santa Rosa will have the right equipment, tools, and knowledge to ensure you get accurate results. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your well water is safe to drink every time and anytime. Just make sure that you follow the advice of the professionals to keep your well water safe and potable. That will minimize the chances of contamination. Call us today at 707-823-3184 to talk to one of our water well specialists.