water well can be a great addition to a property, particularly here in Sonoma County.  It allows you to supplement your water supply – saving money in the long run – as well as ensuring you always have water available, even if something happens to your primary water source.  If you’re far enough “off the grid” it might even be your only supply.  However, if you’re thinking about adding a well, you’ll need to do a lot of thought and planning to ensure everything goes properly.

These are some of the most critical factors to consider.

Four Important Issues When Planning for A Water Well

1 – Getting a well test in Sonoma County

You don’t want to just start drilling holes at random around your property.  There may not even be enough water underground to make a private well worthwhile.  One of your first actions should be having a well test in Sonoma County, to discover how viable a well might be and where it should be located.

2 – Look into the permitting process

Depending on your location, you may need to get permits or licenses to install a well on your property.  You can usually contact your city or county government to find out.  Your well-drilling contractor can also usually help you with this aspect.

3 – Talk to neighbors about their wells

Are there private wells set up on neighboring properties?  It’s a good idea to chat with the owners about their experience.  How much water is actually coming from their well?  What sort of water quality do they typically see?  This is a great way to set your own expectations in a realistic fashion.

4 – Can your own water usage be adjusted?

If the well is going to provide plenty of water then, great, everything should go smoothly.  However, if it’s going to be on the borderline of usability, then it’s time to start looking towards your own water usage.  Will it be possible to reduce usage to the point that it makes the well viable?  Could you supplement from other sources?

This is particularly important if you plan to use the well for more than just personal use.

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If you want a water well, we can provide the well test in Sonoma County as well as drilling and ongoing support.  For all-in-one well services, contact us directly.