Water well problems may be due to depletion of the aquifer, improper well design, equipment failures and much more. Once your well pump fails, your water supply will cease as well. Fortunately, it is not all that hard to identify and troubleshoot water pump problems. Once you are sure you have a problem at hand, you can call our Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. team for leading well pump repair in Santa Rosa.

Signs of pump, tank problems

While one of the most common problems is decreased water pressure, there can be other reasons that contribute to water pump problems. They include:

  • Dirty water
  • Air “spitting” from your faucet
  • Loud or odd noises
  • High electric bills which may mean that the pump needs to run constantly to maintain reasonable water pressure

Also, anything that may cause a strain on the well pump which can lead to its premature failure. A few of the situations that lead to pump failure are listed below:

Expansion Tank Losing Pressure

The tank, as you may know, is a closed container for the pump to fill with water. The air within the tank begins to get compressed as the water fills up in the tank via an air-filled vinyl bladder until the pressure builds up high enough to trip the pressure switch. When you open a faucet in your home, the pressure in the tank will exert pressure on the bladder, and the water is forced out. Once water is used, and the pressure falls low enough, the pressure switch then turns the pump on again, and the cycle repeats. When the tank loses its air pressure, the pump will have to work endlessly to keep the tank full. When you notice your pump is running longer than it usually does, it’s time to call our Santa Rosa well pump repair professionals.

Power outage

Unless you have rigged your well pump to a backup power supply, such as a backup generator, it will cease to work if you lose electricity. If your pump does not work even if you have power, well pump repair may be needed.

Failure to tackle repairs

Prevention is better than cure, so it makes sense to schedule an annual inspection by a reputed Santa Rosa well repair service provider.

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