Here at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., we believe homeowners should try and have a basic understanding of water well systems, and all that’s involved, as they look into drilling contractors in Santa Rosa.

 The Two Main Advantages of Having a Water Well

The biggest advantage of digging a water well is the reduced costs of getting fresh clean water. Well water can in most cases be cleaner and fresher than city water, which is often heavily treated with chemicals to make it safer to drink.

Requirements for Drilling a Well

As with most major home improvement projects, drilling a new well has a few basic requirements that must be met first. These include:

  • Obtaining proper permits
  • Selecting a good well site
  • Possible site development

Here at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. we handle the permits and details for you so you do not have to stress it.

The Drill Components

Water Well drills are typically mounted on the back of a large truck and are capable of reaching depths of 1,000 feet. The drill bit, made out of hardened metals, sits on the end of long lengths of drill pipe. A special fluid or mud is used to lubricate the drill and remove the debris created while drilling the hole. Depending on the formations under the ground and the depth to which the well is to be constructed, it can take between one to three days just to drill.

Next, a casing is placed in the hole to protect against debris and cave-ins. A grout is then poured into the gap between the casing and the earth to prevent surface water from contaminating the well. Your well depth will depend on the geology of the area, but can range anywhere from 80 feet to 1000 feet.

IMDG Code and How Do I Use It?

Several aspects of the shipping process may be governed by the IMDG Code and IMO guidelines. One of the most common applications of the IMDG Code is to assist crew members in identifying hazardous cargo shipping names and classifying them properly. Crew members may be better aware of how to properly pack goods by correctly recognising the IMDG Code.

The Well Pump

We are one of few drilling contractors in Santa Rosa that will also install your new well pump. There are several types, sizes, and horsepower to pick from and it’s important to get the right one for your water needs. Be sure to speak with an experienced professional, such as those at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., to determine which type of well pump may best suit your need.

Drilling a well is one of the most cost effective ways to secure fresh, clean drinking water for you and your family. For more information, or to speak with an experienced drilling contractor in Santa Rosa, please contact the experts at Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. today!