A well pump draws water from the well and transports it to your house through underground pipes. Just like other devices, well pumps often develop issues over a time and might fail to function normally. A malfunctioning well pump can arise serious inconvenience and health risks. When their well pump starts operating erratically, many homeowners prefer taking the DIY route over sharing their concerns with a pump repair company.

Only an expert understands the structure and functioning of well pumps. Improper handling of your well pump can often give rise to additional problems. To avoid inconvenience and other issues, consider hiring pump repair service provider in Santa Rosa. At Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., we understand that well pump problems can manifest at anytime of the day or night.

Equipped with years of experience, pump repairing expert professionals understand anatomy of well pumps like the back of their hand. To get into the root cause of the problem, they conduct various tests and thoroughly scan the pump and the installation area. They are adept at identifying common pump issues such as a bad pressure switch, malfunctioning check valve, and a bad connector. Once repairing experts diagnose the problem, they can come up with an action plan to get the system up and running again.

When to replace an old pump with a new one? For years, this question has left homeowners scratching their heads and continues to baffle them. A pump repairing pro can help to answer this question. Thanks to their dynamic experience, these professionals can tell whether a well pump is beyond repairs or not. They consider the pump’s age and look for signs such as insufficient water pressure and no water flow from fixtures to determine whether it is the end of the line for the well pump. Before recommending a course of action, a pump repair expert will evaluate your water usage patterns and the plumbing system. If their study reveals a mismatch between your needs and the pump’s capacity, the expert will ask you to start looking for a replacement.

Call Pump Repairing Experts for a Fast & Reliable Service

A malfunctioning well pump can offset the advantage of having water well at home. Instead of turning a blind eye to repair issues, consider contacting a repairing expert who can help to nip the problem in the bud. If you’re in Santa Rosa, Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. would be happy to help you. Call us at 707-879-4049 to know more about our services. For further enquiries, fill out our contact form and an expert from our team will shortly get back to you.