Many people believe that a water well provides an endless supply of water, but there is always a possibility that a water well can eventually run dry. However, a dry well is not always permanent, as the water well can be replenished through natural precipitation.

Here are just a few factors that can cause a water well to run dry and the best way to prevent this troubling scenario.

  1. Lengthy Droughts
    One of the main reasons that a well can go dry is if you experience an extended drought in your region. Once the water level drops below the pump intake, it will cause your water well to run dry. However, this is usually not a permanent situation, as the water level will rise back to normal levels once a drought is over.
  2. Underground Water Blockage
    Another common reason that causes a water well to go dry is if the natural flow of the underground water is blocked from entering the aquifer that supplies your well water. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that your well will never be replenished, as water is always moving underground and can eventually reach your aquifer and fill your water well to a normal level.
  3. Overuse
    A water well may also go dry if it experiences over usage and doesn’t have the time to refill the underground water to match the usage rate. If you begin to notice that your well water becomes murky or if the faucets start to sputter with air, then it is a good time to contact a company that specializes in water well drilling in Healdsburg. Water well specialists can check your well and may be able to fix the issue by lowering the water pump to the water level or drilling the well deeper to increase the water flow.

Water Well Drilling & Services in Healdsburg

If you believe that your water well is going dry or isn’t working correctly, you can contact Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. to investigate the issue and prevent your water well from going dry. Our professionals have many years of experience with water well drilling in Healdsburg and can help ensure that your water well is working at an optimal condition.

If you wish to learn more about our water well services, feel free to contact us at any time and schedule an appointment today!