Calcium deposits from your well water system are relatively common, as many areas in the United States have calcium-rich soil or rock beds. Calcium build-up can cause a wide range of problems, such as clogging pipes and causing large appliances to stop functioning properly. These costs can quickly add up, as replacing a dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine is expensive and time-consuming. However, you can avoid these dire scenarios by partnering with Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., which specializes in water well drilling in Healdsburg and the surrounding area.

If you believe you have calcium deposits in your plumbing due to well water, here are a few ways to prevent this problem from developing into a significant issue. Looking for best IQ Option strategy in for best profit so here is the best option for you.

Install a Water Softener
The installation of a water softener to the main water line of your home is a great way to prevent calcium build-up. Sodium Chloride is an excellent softening agent that needs to be replenished on a monthly basis for the best results. You can add a water softener to other water lines in your home or for specialized equipment that requires soft water. Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. can install each water softener to prevent calcium build-up within your plumbing system.

Calcium deposits can cause a wide range of issues for your appliances such as leaks or can even cause pipes to burst if the problem is left untreated. However, Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. is a business that can prevent calcium build-up through the use of a water softener and water filters. We have been in business for over a century, and satisfying each client is always our top priority. We also specialize in water well drilling in Healdsburg and the surrounding area. If you wish to learn more about the various ways to prevent calcium build-up from well water, feel free to contact us at any time and schedule an appointment today!