The drilling contractors you work with in installing a well or replacing an old well should have the experience to complete the work with precision. The work can impact the quality of the water from the well and the potential for hazards on the property in future.

Within this latest post, our team at Weeks Drilling & Pump highlight the questions to ask drilling contractors in Santa Rosa.

  • Do you have a license?

Make sure the contractor has the license to drill on your property. The company should only be hired if they are fully licensed and insured within their work. If the company is not insured, you won’t receive damages for any negligence on their part during the drilling process. Ask to see insurance and licensing papers before the work begins.

  • What is their reputation?

Does the company have a strong reputation within the industry and is this reputation based on proven work with multiple clients? Ask for client references from the drilling company and speak with the references directly about the work completed for them. Based on the answers received you should be able to make a firm decision about the drilling contractors and the quality of their work in Santa Rosa.

  • What type of services do they provide?

Make sure the contractor is able to provide the type of drilling services you require in your property. Some companies only offer commercial drilling work or industrial services. Ask about their residential work and ensure they can point to a comprehensive background within the relevant area of the drilling industry.

  • Can we review the working contract?

The working contract between yourselves and the drilling company will tell you everything you need to know about the working project. How long is the project going to take and what are the total costs for the project? These are two of the more important questions answered by your working contract. Ensure you have full access to the working contract before you agree to hire the drilling firm.

Weeks Drilling & Pump Can Help You

Our drilling contractors in Santa Rosa can help ensure your well is installed and maintained according to the highest standards in the industry. Take the time to choose the right firm for your project. Contact our team at Weeks Drilling now for more details about this process.