When shopping around for new water pumps you generally have two options: external water pumps and submersible water pumps. Each provides its own benefits, but to determine which is right for your property, it’s important to seek out the right drilling contractors in Santa Rosa. Weeks Drilling & Pump Co. can help you not only determine the best pump option, but provide you with all the drilling, installation and servicing your setup needs.

  • External Water Pump

This kind of a pump is also referred to as an above ground or surface pump. These are by far the most common water pump. External pumps are less expensive to purchase and install up front and are easier to repair, should you run into a problem. Additionally, with an external water pump, you are able to store around 50 liters more water on your property. One of the downsides to an external and exposed water pump is it will produce more noise, and a cover for the pump will increase the price by several hundred dollars (and still not provide the same level of sound insulation).

  • Submersible Pump

As the name suggests, this kind of pump is installed beneath the ground. Since the pump is installed under the property’s surface it will cost more to setup and install. It also may cost more to repair in the event of damage. However, because it is protected by the layer of topsoil it will not run into as many problems and generally has a longer shelf life.

One of the main reasons why homeowners decide to invest in a submersible pump is because of the noise level. The ground will help insulate the sound of the pump, reducing the overall noise it produces. Should you need to repair a submersible pump you will need to access the tank and dismantle it. This will cause the repair to take longer. It also will increase the repair cost.

Trust Our Santa Rosa Drilling Contractors & Team

From external to submersible, having the right water pump on your property is important. At Weeks Drilling & Pump Co., you’ll have access to experienced and certified drilling contractors in Santa Rosa. So, if you’re curious as to which pump style is right for you, need servicing for your current configuration, or are ready for an on-property consultation, now is a great time to contact our team.