There is a simple logic that if you want to move water, you must install a water pump for it. It’s not easy to move water, and this process demands a lot of energy! According to the latest survey, it is revealed that over 16% of the total electricity bill in the state accounts to the pumping systems. Here are the most significant and yet simple points that can help you in increasing pump efficiency, and saving energy at the same time.

Select the Correct Pump – You must make sure that your design engineer is closely associated with the pump manufacturer in order to help you in finalizing an appropriate pump for you. Please cross check all the factors like power, size, drive, speed, secondary equipment, etc. against your pump requirement for best performance.

Pump Size – At times, engineers make a grave mistake by adding too many features to the pump, which makes it oversized. This can further result in higher maintenance costs and excess electricity bills. You can consult an expert at Weeks Drilling and Pump Co. while selecting the correct pump size for you.

Cut the Impeller to Right Size – The golden rule here is that the size of the impeller should be appropriate according to the minimum size mentioned on the pump. This can help you in enhancing the performance and efficiency of the water pump. You can connect with the water pump installation in Santa Rosa for more details.

Use Correct Control Valves – Control valves are a crucial part of the water pump. They are used for controlling the pressure and flow of water. They can be really effective in reducing excess energy consumption. The main purpose of a control valve is to bypass and throttle the flow. Throttling can reduce the water flow, and the increased pressure can also be reduced by diverting the flow of water.

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Implement VFD – Variable frequency drives (VFD) are responsible for adjusting the rotational speed of the water pump in order to get the desired flow. VFD can effectively vary its speed as per your system. This can help you in increasing pump efficiency as well as reduce energy cost.

These are some simple yet effective methods to enhance your water pump efficiency. Every pump has a distinct set-up with regards to its type, operational requirements, and size. If you wish to run your water pump at its highest efficiency, you should consult our experts on 707-823-3184, who can advise you on improving the pump performance, its maintenance, and reducing energy consumption.