Many countryside residents in the U.S. do not have direct and regular access to the city water supply and are compelled to rely on the wells for it. While drilling a new well for residential purposes, some geological and legal factors can affect the depth of the well. Geological factors like underground level of water, soil contamination, and aquifer depth; whereas legal factors like State regulations and terrain properties can lay an impact on the depth of the well.

Aquifers – An aquifer is basically a vast underground water storage space, which can either be located at a few feet from the ground surface or somewhere very deep that makes it impossible for an outsider to locate. Water can easily pass through the rocks and sand deposits that act as a filtering agent for it. There is a barrier beneath an aquifer known as aquitard that does not let the water pass through. You may be required to drill really deep in order to find an aquifer.

Depth – To determine the depth of drilling, it is essential to examine the geology of the area, current underground water levels, and the average depth of the nearby wells first. The water well drilling companies in Napa County might stop drilling further if an adequate amount of water is found in their first drilling session. If not, they might continue the drilling till the time something suitable is found. Majority of the wells in the U.S. are found between 100-500 feet deep. However, in some hilly areas, the depth can also go as deep as 1,000 feet.

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State Laws – Though a majority of the states have regulations with regards to the depth of the water well, some states also have laws pertaining to the distance of wells from the septic systems and similar other sources.

Apart from these factors, you also need to obtain a written permit from the Napa County Planning Building and Environmental Services Department before you begin well construction, destruction, or even modification. The well you build must be in compliance with Napa county well standards and all construction activities must be performed by a licensed well contractor. For professional assistance in this regard, call Weeks Drilling and Pump Co. at 707-823-3184.