From drinking and taking shower to cleaning purposes and landscaping concerns, water plays a crucial role in your routine life. Therefore, the quality of this vital life element is exceedingly significant, which is why many homeowners are turning towards water wells in order to enjoy mineral-rich groundwater that is not processed through chlorination. According to the drilling contractors in Santa Rosa, private water wells are becoming a popular alternative to local water systems.  The direct groundwater from water wells is a better substitute to city water because of its purity, great taste, mineral-rich content, and environmental friendliness. Following are the three secret benefits of drinking well water.           

Enhanced Quality

A lot of people switch to well water because of the quality concerns. As a matter of fact, the city or municipal water is treated with chemicals, and processed through the filtration plants. Although this complete process is monitored carefully, the level of chlorine and other chemicals in water can be disturbing. On the other hand, well water is completely natural and pure. This direct groundwater is not treated chemically; it is delivered fresh into your home after the filtering out of silt and other organic materials.


The municipal water is chemically processed, which makes it potential to pollutants and contaminants. Drinking contaminated water can cause complications in the digestive system and expose you to several possible health hazards. Also, the steam that is released by heated polluted water can give birth to several airborne toxins. However, the well water contains natural earthly minerals that are extremely beneficial for your health, skin, and body and therefore, is much healthier than city water.  


The filtering and supplying of city water through the municipal plants requires a significant amount of energy. The filtration process continuously increases the carbon footprint and introduces contaminants into the system. The chemical water processing also causes many other problems in the water table. Conversely, well water is a low impact water system that costs nothing more than the pump energy that eventually makes it reliable and environment-friendly.

In addition to these amazing benefits, having a groundwater well in your home can bring a significant decrease in your utility costs. So, you can turn to Weeks Drilling and Pump Co., one of the largest groundwater firms in Santa Rosa, California, and use their comprehensive well drilling services to convert your water source. You can call us at 707-823-3184 or fill out the form provided below to speak with our well contractors.