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Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Is my water safe?
To answer that, we need to ask questions about the water supply, gather some information and do at least a minimal amount of testing. We’re capable of helping our customers determine if their water is safe.

What if I find out my water isn’t safe? What should I do?
We sell water treatment equipment that will reliably turn unsafe water into good quality drinking water. We can also treat surface water from creeks or lakes and bring it to drinking water standards using new technologies. We understand concerns about water safety, and we’re good at picking the right technology to fix a particular problem. The water treatment systems we install exceed industry standards.

Do you test the water after you install a water treatment system?
Yes. We also offer ongoing service, so customers don’t have to worry about the maintenance or technical details of their water systems. We handle everything.

How do I know my water is safe?
We perform Domestic Suitability Testing in house at no charge, and we also work with local laboratories to perform more in-depth testing if needed.

How can I get treated water for the whole house?
We can offer treated water at the point of entry to the home or at the point of use. It’s important to figure out what the client wants so that we can treat for their specific need. On average, approximately 2% or less of water in the home is used for drinking and cooking. In most cases it makes sense to install treatment for Secondary contaminants at the point of entry to the home and then install treatment for Primary contaminants at the point of use before being consumed.

How much maintenance is involved once a system has been installed?
Every system is unique and requires a specific level of maintenance. We offer a service agreement to all of our clients that is tailored to their systems needs. It is strongly recommended that we schedule one of our technicians to service the equipment quarterly, semiannually or annually depending on the system installed and how involved the client wants to be.

What is the difference between the types of systems Weeks offers when compared to the local hardware stores?
Every system that Weeks installs is specifically designed to fit the application and meet the needs of the homeowner. We have certified designers and installers who work on the equipment, and we carry warranties on all of our products. All treatment systems need maintenance at some point, and Weeks is known for offering great service and expertise that hardware stores cannot.

My water has coliform bacteria in it. What does that mean?
Coliform bacteria are an indicator of bacteria and are not normally the cause for serious illness, but its presence is used to indicate other pathogenic organisms. If you have Coliform bacteria in your water, it is considered “contaminated” and we treat it differently than if you were to test positive for E. Coli, which is known to cause serious illness.

If my water has E. coli in it why won’t you sell me a chlorinator?
If your water has high organic matter, it is possible that chlorine can create disinfection by products and drastically change your water quality. There are many variables that come into play when choosing to use chlorine that should be considered before purchasing a chlorinator, which is why we do not always like to use them.

What tests should I run on my water?
General mineral tests are strongly recommended, which include Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron, Manganese, pH & TDS. It is also a good idea to test for Bacteria, Arsenic and Nitrates.