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Pump Service and Repairs

Pump Service and Repairs

When the water stops running, does that mean my well has gone dry?
That’s almost never the case. There are many causes for the water going off. Some are simple and some aren’t, but it’s unusual for a well to just go dry.

What size storage tank do I need?
That depends on a couple of things. It depends on how much you use and how much water your well produces and, additionally, how much room you have for the storage tank.

We lost power and I need to reset the timers on my softener. How do I do it?
Push in the red button and turn the timing wheel to line up the correct time with the “time of day” arrow.

How do I know if I have a water leak?
If you close the valve to the house and you are not using any water outside, then the pressure gauge should not move. Since you are not using any water inside or out, then when you open the closed valve you should not hear any ‘rushing’ water.

How do I prime a jet pump?
First, open a faucet to verify there is no water pressure. Turn off the electrical power to the pump and remove the pressure gauge or plug that is located in the pump housing. Fill the opening with water until full – this procedure displaces the air in the pump and replaces it with water. Reinstall the pressure gauge or plug snugly with Teflon tape or pipe thread compound. Turn on the electrical power – the gauge should show pressure build up almost immediately, and the system should go back to normal operation. If this procedure fails to restore the prime, you will need to call for service.