Ground source geothermal heat pumps have become increasingly popular among homeowners and business owners for comfort and a wide range of other benefits, including savings on operating costs and energy bills. But, how do you know which one is better for your property – an open loop or closed loop geothermal system? For installing the right system that can meet your specific needs, the answer is to choose one of the most reputable water well drilling companies in Napa County.

Open Loop Systems

An open loop system is designed to use groundwater from a traditional well as a source of heat in winter and a heat sink during the warmer months. The water is first pumped through your heat pump, and the heat generated from the water is either rejected (during the summer months) or extracted (during the winter months). Appropriate disposal of the water, then takes place – most commonly through what is known as “open discharge.” The open discharge process releases water into a drainage tile, ditch, pond, stream, or river. The water can also be disposed by creating a return well that goes back into the ground aquifer.

Poor water quality is one of the potential issues you can face when you use an open loop system. Before installing an open loop system, it is important to test the water source for hardness, iron content and acidity. You might face serious issues if you skip this critical step. There can be a buildup of mineral deposits in the heat exchanger, clogging of the system due to excessive organic matter and particles, clogging of the return well due to impurities like iron, etc. Such problems can make your open loop system inoperable.

Closed Loop Systems

A closed loop system uses a heat exchanger that is made up of a continuous loop of pipes. The pipes are specially made-buried plastic pipes that are connected to the heat pump you have inside. Together they form an underground sealed loop that circulates the fluid used to transfer the heat. With constant recirculation of the fluid, any wastewater is eliminated.

Closed loops are trenched horizontally adjacent to your home or business if you have a large outdoor space. Due to lack of space, if the trenches are not horizontal, water well drilling companies in Napa County can use a drill rig to install the system vertically. Closed loop systems can also be installed to take advantage of water sources such as a nearby lake or pond. In instances like these, the pipe is submerged at the bottom of the water source.

The Top Drilling Contractors in Napa County

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