Just as a human body needs maintenance, water wells too, once drilled, need some maintenance to keep it working properly and hygienically. The body of the well needs very little maintenance to keep it in its solid form for years and years, but what matters is the consistency of maintaining it. An annual check-up is all that it requires. And with the professionals handling the drilling of water wells and its services, water well repairing has become easier to execute. There are many water well drilling companies in Napa County that work for the caretaking services of water wells.

Need for the annual check-up

No two water wells are similar, and if tested, the results of two water wells even near each other can yield completely dissimilar results. It is advisable that water well owners schedule an annual check of their water wells approximately the same time of the year. The most common problem that persists in private wells is the accumulation of bacteria. Any place inhabited or used regularly by living beings cannot deny the presence of pesticides, nitrate and other impurities in addition to the bacteria. Therefore, the well water must also be tested for these other impurities if the water well is located close to an agricultural field. It may become necessary to go for other critical water tests if circumstances demand.

Let these water tests be done by professional water well drilling companies in Napa County, like Weeks Drilling, that can help with home inspection of water wells and suggest needful tests in order to know the level of contamination present in the water. It is vital to note that if the water samples tested, yield a positive result for a particular bacteria like E.coli or Giardia, the water well must immediately be stopped being used until it is properly treated, and a satisfactory water sample is pulled out. The process of water well repairing is a complex one, right from diagnosing the right test for the water, to collecting samples and processing for tests, but, it is extremely essential and vital for the health of those using the water well. Leaving the water well tests to trusted, qualified and licensed water well repairing professional can help you live a healthy life.