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Belglen Mutual Water Company

Belglen Mutual Water Company

We would like to take an opportunity to highly recommend Weeks Drilling and Pump. We are a very small water system, and one of the few constants over the years has been Weeks. They are committed to providing old-fashioned service, and they employ the nicest and hard-working employees we have ever dealt with.

Weeks recently did a major overhaul and oversight for our new storage tank. Randy Burgess worked seamlessly with the tank company to insure that everything was measured and installed according to the specs. This took enormous pressure off of us and was very time sensitive with diagrams going back and forth until they were perfect. They always treat us with respect with some humor thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes a water system can be extremely frustrating, which is why Weeks has been so important to us. We know we can call on them and they will be here on time and perform their job to high standards. We are so grateful for their patience in helping us understand the whys and hows of what they are doing and guiding us along the way so we don’t have to call them for every single thing. I only wish that other businesses would follow their lead as service industries are sadly lacking in customer service today.

Customer service is a voluntary act that demonstrates a genuine desire to satisfy, if not delight, a customer.  – Steve Curtin, author of “Delight Your Customers”