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Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling

What is the process for drilling a well?
The first step is to have one of our trained salesmen make a site visit to access the potential location or relocation for the well.

How do you determine where to drill?
We have over 70 years of experience drilling wells. We have drilling logs from these wells that tell us the details such as the depth of the well, production rate, and geological formations encountered. These logs are a great resource for our staff.

Circumstances particular to a given property also determine the best possible location for a well. Some factors are:

  • Septic location on the parcel and adjacent parcels
  • Proximity to power and structures
  • Clearance from property lines, roadways, and hazards
  • In “water scarce” areas, historical data of the area and geology are important.

How do you know where the water is?
It is important to have a good understanding of local geology. Drilling a successful well depends on the geology of the site. Many geological conditions make finding water routine. The coastal and inland Franciscan and Great Valley formation are successful when we penetrate the right rock.

How deep will I have to drill for water?
It depends on the geology:

  • Franciscan Formation: usually between 150′ – 300′
  • Sonoma Volcanics: 200′ – 800′
  • Wilson Grove Formation: 120′ – 400′
  • Glen Ellen Formation: 200′ – 500′
  • Petaluma Formation: 150′ – 400′
  • Alluvium Formations: 40′ – 250′
  • Great Valley Formations: 150′ – 300′
  • Continental Formation: 100′ – 300′

How long does the well drilling process generally take?
A domestic well generally takes one to three days to drill and complete. At that point it is ready for the pump installation. The time required for permit approval can take anywhere from a day to 4 weeks depending on the jurisdiction, specifics of the parcel, and workload of the County Permitting Department.

How do you know how much water my well will produce?
There is no way to accurately determine the production of a well until after it has been completed and tested. However, there are many areas where we have extensive knowledge of well depths and production. Typically, we can give a very good estimate in these areas.

How much water is necessary?
A requirement of 1 gpm can be adequate, with storage, for a home. A household with landscaping can require 5 – 10 gpm. Agriculture can require much more for short periods of time.

Can a well be drilled within the city limits?
The short answer is yes, however there may be additional permitting expenses and requirements. Some cities do not allow private wells within the city limits.

Do you have to get a permit to drill a water well?
Yes. The state of California requires a permit be obtained for every well drilled.

Can you help me get permits?
Yes. We handle all permit issues and work with all the health departments in the North Bay. We take care of every detail.

I’m converting to city sewer. Can you help with that process?
No. We’re strictly a water company, not a wastewater company.