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Sonoma County Public Water Systems - Warning Requirements

Sonoma County Public Water Systems – Warning Requirements

Chances are, your home takes advantage of the public water systems in Sonoma County. Due to this, if there is an issue with the city’s line and its flow to your home, you need to know about it. If the public water becomes contaminated, you need to be able to make the necessary corrections to your water supply. At Weeks Drilling & Pump Company, you’ll not only receive all the necessary answers regarding the continued maintenance of pure, clean water but what to do should the public water systems in Sonoma County become contaminated.

Public Notification

If the city’s water supply is contaminated and, ultimately, could affect your health, the city has 24 hours to notify you. The problem here is it means you may be exposed to the water for a full day. Plus, if you don’t see the public notification, which is usually done via television and radio announcements, you might use this water longer.

These notifications will include information on what the problem is and how the city is going about trying to correct it. Sometimes, you may simply receive a “boil advisory,” which means you are recommended to boil the water before consuming. Of course, this doesn’t do you much good with regards to showering or cleaning.

In-Home Water Filtration

One of the best ways to avoid some of these problems is to have an in-home water filtration system installed. Standard water filters used on faucets can help with the water you drink, but it won’t help much with regards to showering. For these instances, you can invest in a full-home water filtration system. This filters all water that comes into your house. These kinds of filtration systems may not be able to stand up to long-term heavy contamination, it will give you a bit of a buffer when providing clean and pure drinking water.

Water Services & Public Water Systems in Sonoma County

You need to know the state of your home’s water. If your water is suffering contamination problems from the city line, the faster you act the safer everyone inside your home will be. Weeks Drilling & Pump Company is here to assist you with these services. So, whether you have further questions about public water systems in Sonoma County or our services, please contact our team today.